Friday, April 25, 2008

We're moving!

We're moving to California. My husband got his dream job so we are packing our bags. Looks like I am destined to be an eternal traveler. Which in my case, is a very welcome thing. Let's see - Haverfordwest, Wisbech, Kolkata, Scunthorpe, Hull, London, Switzerland, Berkeley, Chicago, and now...San Francisco. These are all the places I have lived in for a significant amount of time. Not traveled, lived. I am so excited about this new and fresh start in our lives. And more so by the prospect of finding more fodder for this aptly named blog of mine. I should be reporting from my newly-adopted city during the end of June.

There are so many things to research - what are the best places to live in the silicon valley? What are the best school districts? What are the best kept secrets when it comes to fine dining? Can't wait...

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