Friday, June 20, 2008

Euro 2008 cracker!

Croatia v Turkey

If you were watching, you know what I mean by a cracker. Goal-less for 90 minutes, then Croatia scores in pretty much the last minute of extra time. I was about to change the channel, secure in the knowledge that Croatia were going to face Germany in the semis, when out of nowhere, Turkey score in 'extra time' of the extra-time. How crazy was that? Vienna erupted with the wild cacophony from the Turkish fans, and the subdued groans of the Croatian camp.

Penalty shootouts - you have to love them for sheer suspense, but it just isn't a fair way to end a game. Then again, all is fair in love and war. And this was a war. I have to hand it to Turkey; they didn't miss a single shot, and their goalkeeper, Rustu, who wasn't even supposed to come on had the regular goalkeeper not been red-carded for the previous game, was exceptionally good tonight. Final score: Turkey 1 Croatia 1 (Turkey won 3-1 on penalties)

So it's Turkey vs Germany in one of the semi finals. Check this website or the widget on the right to find out more. Matches are broadcast live on the ESPN channels.

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