Saturday, December 6, 2008

Whole foods delight

Thanksgiving came and went.  We went to a neighbor's potluck, which turned out to be one of the most delicious nights of the holiday season.  I made a 'Potato Savoyard' gratin (more about this delectable recipe later), which took hours of prep time, but was completely worth it.  The effort made by our other neighbors was equally commendable.  Apart from the staples of green beans, carrots, creamed corn, succulent ham and of course, turkey, there was stuffing souffle with pecans, gourmet sweet pumpkin pie, spiced apple cider, coffee, and Veuve Clicquot Champagne.  

My rate of consumption of such holiday treats is showing no signs of deceleration.  Having recently discovered the 'Whole Foods' deli section, we spend most Saturday lunchtimes at our local Whole Foods, mulling over the mouthwatering options. Lamb shanks with rosemary potatoes and shiitake mushrooms, or turkey quiche with mashed potatoes and herbs, teriyaki chicken, the choices just go on.  The food from the deli counter in my opinion is sublime, filling, and satiates you like grandma's hearty cooking.

Of course, the strategically placed cake and pastry counter next to the hot deli counter ensures that you are bound to come back.  We are absolutely hooked on the 'Mixed Berry Cake' that WF sell in three convenient sizes.  Just try it, and I guarantee you will never ever buy any other cake again.  Garnished with fresh berries and icing to kill for, this moist and stupendously delightful cake cheers your tongue up.  Try it! The only caveat that not all WF stores carry identical cakes to each other, so if you don't find it at your local one, get them to find out your nearest store which does stock it.  
Do you have any Whole Foods favorites? Especially for the holidays? Do you think that food there is overrated and too expensive? Or would you rather pay extra for the quality? Let us know...

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