Thursday, January 10, 2013


home_image2.png courtesy of the Tropisueno website

Oddly serene and highly delectable is a small side street called Yerba Buena Lane, between Mission and Market, in San Francisco. Among popular hangouts such as the Press Club and Amber India, lies a favorite of the local Monday-Friday and weekend crowds, the Mexican restaurant Tropisueno. As the website states, it's a taqueria during the day, and a full-service restaurant during the night. I visited on a Saturday, and the place was buzzing even though surrounding offices were closed. The lunch menu is printed on a wall, there is no menu card. Smart and unpretentious, lively music, soft colors, and a vista window chronicling the continuous movement of people up and down Yerba Buena make this a nice place to be. Solo diners, families, couples and business groups seemed to be equally comfortable and chilled. Most of all, the food is quick, fresh, and delicious. The watermelon juice in particular is fabulous, you have to try it! And the chips and awesome dips are free. What's not to like?

Tropisueno is located at 75 Yerba Buena lane. Visit it here.

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