Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another day in Ocho Rios

This morning, Abhijit and I decided to hit the glass-fronted gym. It was 7 am, the sunlight was dappled, and the resort belonged just to us. The soft light and breeze held promise of things to come.

Never has 30 minutes on the treadmill been so soothing. At first I was disappointed that the treadmills faced away from the glass windows and the beach view. However once I started, I could just as easily enjoy the vista by looking at the mirror in front of me.

After a quick shower, we made our way to the breakfast room. People were starting to trickle in. Everyone seemed to be moving in slow motion, relaxed, reflective and content. Freshly prepared 'Blue Mountain' coffee and orange juice set the scene. Banana bread and danish pastry followed by exotic tropical fruit and smoked salmon left us more than satiated.

When we finally retired to our lounging chairs under the umbrella, I was in heaven. This is what dreams are made of. Remember those holiday ads, where a sultry blonde is lying on a beach, and gets multi-colored cocktails served to her by smiling waiters in Bermuda shorts? Apart from the blonde bit, everything else was just like that ad. I looked around to observe the other sun and aqua worshippers.

In spite of being in the middle of paradise, some still looked ultra miserable. There was a perfectly tanned and toned Italian couple in front of us, partners of considerable age difference. The trophy 'wife' began to look increasingly agitated as the husband waved his arms around. People pretended to read while staring at them discreetly through their oversized sunglasses. A septuagenarian couple rubbed sunblock lotion on each other with warmth and love. A huge woman treaded gently into the ocean with her rake-thin man. A young English couple next to us read for hours without saying a word to each other. Who needs a book when there are all these dynamics to scrutinize? Oh, here comes my Pina Colada...

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