Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tips for a wonderful stay in Couples San Souci in Ocho rios, Jamaica

Remember these things, and you'll have a great time:

  • Attend the Orienteering session to acquaint yourself with the resort. A lot of people skip this, but that's good, because only you'll know about the little hideouts
  • Always ask for Appleton Rum for your rum-based drinks
  • Go for a massage or facial. These services are excellent, and what better way to relax than to have your muscles massaged outdoors to the sound of the waves
  • Try at least one included water sport. I recommend the catamaran sailing with a qualified instructor. You don't have to sail it yourself; just let the staff know and you can just sit back and relax
  • Eat at the Bella Vista if you can - the food here is better than at the other restaurants
  • Grab a bike and ride around the resort pond
  • Go the 'Au Naturel' beach at 5:30 to view a stunning sunset ( people are/should be covered up by then) - see below
  • Buy souvenirs/blue mountain coffee from the duty free shops in the airport instead - they are marginally cheaper than at the hotel shop.
  • Be nice and friendly to the staff - they will gladly go that extra mile for you!
Have a great stay.

Couple San Souci

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Hey,I'm happy that you enjoyed your stay here in Jamaica.Keep spreading the good word.

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