Monday, July 21, 2008

Raving about truffles...

Chocolate truffles aren't as rare a treat as they used to be. Available in all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors these days, the likes of Godiva or Lindt continue to tempt us with their imaginative and delicious creations. The most popular alcohol or liquor-laced truffles appear to be of the champagne or Grand-Marnier variety. However, on my last visit to the Harrods chocolate/candy section in London this June, I became totally hooked on a special kind of 'Port and Cranberry' truffles.

These devilishly creamy dark chocolate truffles are created by none other than one of London's legendary chocolatiers, Charbonnel et Walker. Packed in a ruby red box of 6, this will cost you around $20, but if you're lucky, you may be there during sale time and get it for $10 as I did. These are pricey pieces of candy, but taste one, and you'll know why. Bat your eyelids, or smile that smile at the serving attendant, and you might even get a free taste!

There is a Charbonnel et Walker store in Bond Street in London, but visit the Harrods Food Hall if you can, and find your way to the candy section. It is mesmerizing and tantalizing. Apart from C et W, you will be introduced to some of the world's finest brands of candy, amidst excited cacophony, luring aromas, and luxurious ambiance.

I just went to their website, and it turns out that you can get C et W candy in San Francisco and Palo Alto. How cool is that! They even have a Cafe Charbonnel in NYC! As evident from the picture, I am down to my last one. Where is that Palo Alto store again?

Charbonnel et Walker

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