Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lime restaurant in San Francisco

Hidden among bookstores with outrageous shopfronts, quirky delis and ethnic restaurants on Market Street in Castro is the cute Austin Powers-esque restaurant 'Lime'. A hit with the locals, this late night (well for SF standards anyway) serves tapas sized portions of delectable goodies. Try the amazingly popular deviled eggs, or the shitake mushrooms dripping in melted parmesan.
The halibut fish tacos are amazing too. The menu allows you to order $5 - $11 plates, so giving you an idea of the portion size. It's pretty cleverly done, because the plates usually have an odd number of bites, so you do end up ordering two plates if you want to have an equal amount of food shared within your group. Portions are tasty but tiny, so you will end up ordering more than you thought you would. But it tastes and looks good, so who cares?

Low lighting, pumping house music, and cozy booths set the scene here. Given it's in Castro, you have to be comfortable with the pretty boy, and slightly overtly gay crowd. But everyone is friendly and just out to have a good time. I was once here in 2006, and back last week for the second time, and glad to see that it was still pretty rocking in two years. Lime do a Sunday brunch with all 'All you Can Drink' mimosas for $6. Their mojitos are great by the way. Drop me a line if you've tried their brunch. Oh, and they have bar seating as well.

All in all, a cool local SF nightspot, whether you want to just grab a drink or a bite, well hidden from the tourists.


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