Wednesday, September 17, 2008

10 savvy travel sites

This slide show from caught my eye. Introducing some great travel sites, I wonder if anyone out there has actually used ones like YAPTA or DOPPLR. For future posts, I hope to review some of these on this blog, and perhaps, even use them. The all-time favorite Tripadvisor, is not surprisingly, also on this list.

If you have used one or more of these websites, leave your feedback here.

'10 Hot Travel Websites'


Majesst said...

I have been tracking flights with Yapta for the last couple of months and it's worked out nicely. You can find the lowest fare for your flight w/o having to keep checking on the price changes yourself. Yapta sends an email alert when the price drops on a flight you're watching so all you have to do is jump when it's at the lowest price. Here's the surprising part, if you've already purchased a ticket and the price drops, you'll be eligible for a travel voucher which Yapta will help you claim. It's a very handy free service.

Monica said...

Hey Majesst,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Getting a travel voucher after the price drops further and you've bought your ticket sounds like a great deal. I am definitely going to try it out for my next trip. Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

Awesome tips!!!! u~should post it on!!!