Monday, June 1, 2009

(Almost) alcoholic mixed berries...

Finding a dessert which would satisfy not only your taste buds but give you no guilty feelings about wanting seconds has always been a challenge for me. That was until I started reading the 'Pregnancy' magazine in the doctor's waiting room.

I learned about a fabulous sorbet on the market made by a company called 'Ciao Bella'. Now I was familiar with CB because I once purchased a variety ice-cream pack and it was simply divine. This upscale company does not compromise on the quality of its ingredients, and produces Italian-gelateria style ice-cream.

This particular flavor is called 'Blackberry Cabernet' and is touted as being a real wine substitute for those long and hard nine months. Or perhaps you don't even drink, and are simply looking for a refined and non-fat dessert option.

I'm not much of a sorbet person, but this I liked! The magnificent wine-colored concoction tastes sweet and tart at the same time, and is extremely grown-up. I believe it contains some wine but not nearly enough to affect your pregnancy. However, pregnant or not, try this out. It is perfect for the approaching summer, served with a selection of mixed berries (making it even healthier!). I bought this a week ago at Whole Foods at $2.79, a special offer. Normal retail is around $4.

Ciao Bella's Blackberry Cabernet, Whole Foods, $4 approximately.

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