Friday, June 5, 2009

Some Thai recommendations

The above picture is courtesy of Kate R on Yelp - the appetizer 'Dancing Prawns'
I would like to rave about two places in particular. One is situated in Redwood City, sandwiched between generic shops in a rather nondescript mall. But gems are usually hidden like this, and all thanks to Yelp for pointing this one out. Although it does not look like much from the exterior, Karakade, as this restaurant is called, is very cute inside, attracting a smart and young clientele in the know. Bright colors and tasteful decor increase your appetite once you walk in. Karakade also provides take out, which I have been taking out at least once a month, and they never fail to disappoint.

The portions and the quality of the food are both highly commendable. Classics like red and green curry prevail and are delicious, but try the spicy eggplant with tofu. Or chicken basil noodles, or the amazingly aromatic garlic prawns. The food is amazingly cheap given its quality, and if you live in the San Mateo County area, you certainly want to give this a try.

The above picture is courtesy of Amy L on Yelp - Siam Thai restaurant in hotel Parc 55

My second recommendation is 'Siam Thai' restaurant in downtown San Francisco. Like Karakade, it's a 'hole in the wall' kinda place, and is not in the least bit fancy. However, it is (at least structurally) part of the pretty smart Parc 55 hotel, and as a result, attracts plenty of tourists who want to eat well on a budget. Service is fast and courteous, and the dishes are really tasty. The prices are unbelievable as well.

Minutes from Union Square, this is the perfect place to have a hearty lunch or dinner before you embark on numerous city tours.

Siam Thai - 55 Cyril Magnin St (inside Parc 55) between Eddy and Ellis, (415) 362-7456


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