Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kittichai, a Thai gem in NYC

Location: 60 Thompson St, NYC 10012

As I delved deeper into the recommended restaurant list in the Lonely Planet guide, it became increasingly impossible to find a restaurant which would satisfy my impulse: sharp & sexy ambiance, food to wow, cocktails to enthrall. After all, I was treating my husband and brother, and I wanted it to be super-special. Suddenly, I read the review. This was it! I proceeded to make my reservation for the night.

It was a late summer Friday evening, around 9 pm. Kittichai was as I had envisioned it. A magnificent Thai restaurant and bar, which was something out of 'Sex and the City' with ethereally beautiful people in Gucci floating around, but was at the same time, completely accessible and friendly. Soft romantic lighting and modern jazz set the tone. Populated mainly by well-heeled locals, there were a couple of tourists like ourselves, and the waiters were very warm and welcoming. The bar was lively and my lychee martini was to die for. Abhijit and Bobby took an immediate liking to the place, much to my relief. Their martini and mojito was equally mouthwatering.

We were seated soon enough. Spicy fishcakes with onion chutney, Chilean sea bass, and barramundi (A delicious Australian fish) with chilli -tamarind sauce tantalized the senses. Music and conversation was excellent, and the evening got dreamier with every bite. Or was it with every sip?

Sure, the bill was far from average, but such a dining experience in the heart of Manhattan is one to be cherished for a long long time. It's all about the experience, and the company. I would do it all again, and again. Once I saved up of course :). Go check it out. It's worth every penny.

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