Tuesday, August 21, 2007

London...and not a tourist in sight!

We arrived at London Kings Cross early afternoon on the 31st July and went straight to Bobby's place in St Johns Wood to refresh ourselves before we unleashed ourselves on the city. What a joy it was to soak in the sounds and sights I was so used to for 11 years. Abhijit and I decided unanimously to head out to one of our favorite hangouts in the city: Richmond. Tucked away in zone 4 on the District line, Richmond is a haven for young city types who want to have the city life but one with a fabulous setting and devoid of tourists, as well as the arty or rich types who want a laid back lifestyle in a city that rarely sleeps. The place to be is the beautiful river-front, just a mile's walk from the train station. Trendy wine bars and traditional pubs line the picturesque bank, where personal boats lie anchored, and the occasional rower passes by. Beautiful flora and old red-brick mansions adorn the other bank. Nothing beats having a large glass of crisp white wine while sitting on one of the many public benches facing the Thames. All the pubs and restaurants offer outdoor seating for punters to enjoy the rare summer sun. And when the saxophone comes out to play, nothing is better. Abhijit and I came here when we first started dating, and fell in love with the place instantly, after with each other of course. We spent a good couple of hours that day sipping wine and enjoying the view, and will continue to cherish this place every time we come to London. Sheer bliss.

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