Friday, October 26, 2007

Fall road trips

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a drive, so I couldn't help noticing how pretty one of the roads near our place looked. As it winded down, the colors really struck me. I've often thought of taking of a road trip simply to gaze at Fall or 'autumn' colors as we call it in the UK. In fact, we are thinking of taking a trip next weekend, so I'll post a report on that then.

Of course, the places they say are most spectacular during Fall are along the northeastern corridor comprising Vermont and New England to name but a few. Upper Michigan and Wisconsin are also pretty good for exploring if you're nearer to this area. I however would love to spend a long weekend up in Vermont during Fall, locked up in a cozy bed and breakfast somewhere with a view, in front of a roaring fire, with a glass of mulled wine.....

Below is a link to a good website I found which gives excellent updates on Fall color in the popular regions of the country. If you have a story to tell about a memorable Fall trip, let me know via the Comment box.

Fall color updates

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