Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Let's exchange links and increase blog traffic!

Note: I reserve the right to refuse links to blogs which are not appropriate or are not authoritative and engaging in look and content. Therefore, please participate only if you feel that your blog deserves a mention!

To exchange links and increase traffic to your blog, follow the instructions carefully (The text was adapted from Stephanie Law's blog shown in the blogroll below):

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  1. Get a Technorati account here
  2. Favorite my blog by clicking here
  3. Leave a comment on this post with your blog address (1 address only ) and I will then favorite your blog as well if appropriate. I will try to do this a.s.a.p (my Technorati nickname is mon11uk so you can check)
  4. Copy this post from and including where it says “Copy From Here” until “End Copy” and post in your blog.
  5. Make sure you change the link in step 1 to your own Technorati Favorites Link, which can be obtained from this Technorati page, and also change the Technorati nickname to your own in step 2 - this is important)
  6. Now add a link to your blog to the list below.
  7. Once you have created your post and I receive a pingback, I will add a link to your blog to this list (if appropriate) so that visitors to my blog can see that you are also a Technorati Favourites Exchanger!

Participants in Technorati Favourites Exchange:

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