Monday, October 15, 2007

Vienna's sweet treat

Who would have thought that a 19th century recipe for a cake would still be causing such a stir on the streets of Vienna?

This August, I tasted the magic that so many people had been telling me about. "Oh so you'll be in Vienna? You have to try the Sacher Torte." I found that while this delectable treat was served at many of Vienna's restaurants and cafes, the 'original' and the version that was recommended by most was the torte served at the Hotel Sacher itself, who own the trademarked recipe (the son of the recipe's creator built this exquisite luxury hotel).

This cake is more than just a chocolate cake. What is heavenly in each mouthful is the happy marriage of apricot jam and moist rich spongy chocolate. And a spoonful of sinfully creamy whipped cream helps too. If you want to taste the Sacher Torte in Vienna, I recommend you do it nowhere but the Hotel Sacher itself. When you enter the cafe, you do not see the hotel in all its grandeur, but you certainly get a sense of it. Service is fairly swift. There is most certainly going to be a long line of tourists outside the entrance of the cafe, but it moves along nicely. The lively atmosphere surrounding the cafe also helps to while away the waiting time.

A menu is posted at the entrance, tempting and confusing you at the same time, with its array of sacher tortes. Go only for the original version and team it up with a coffee. While the accommodation and a full scale meal might be obscenely expensive at the Sacher, it is worth paying a few dollars to savor the experience of having one of Vienna's much loved creations in a five-star setting. To whet your appetite, here's a picture taken during our recent visit. Notice the chocolate seal, which signifies it is the original we were about to devour.

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