Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Top 25 travel web sites

Wanted to share this very comprehensive resource with you I found on about Travel & Leisure. A recent article by Travel & Leisure (see link below) includes mini-reviews and links to what it considers to be the top 25 travel sites.

Since Expedia and Travelocity exploded onto the online travel scene all those years ago, sites have had to evolve in their offerings, as travelers become more and more discerning. ( I still remember the excitement and awe I felt when I booked my first flight online in 2000, from London to Zurich).

There are gazillions of travel sites out there, and not all great! Which is why this article is useful if you've decided to ditch your agent or simply want to see what else is new out there in the world of travel.

Several sites stood out for me. looks at historical price rises and falls, and helps you to decide when to buy a ticket by allowing you to access little charts indicating price variation. If it thinks a price will fall, it will tip you to wait. If you select a price, it will take you straight to the carrier's website you selected. is not a booking site, but a comprehensive one-stop-shop on all things cruise! is a great site for doing those quick currency calculations, real-time of course. does exactly what it says in its URL..and more. educates you about all the low-cost carrier airlines in Europe, who flies where, but not the prices. and last, but by no means least, I really like the look and feel of, a super-information packed website about food, user generated unique recipes, various places across the country and their best edible offerings, videos, blogs, forums etcetera.

Why don't you make up your own mind about which sites you like the most? Have you used some of the sites already? Tell us about them! Good or bad experiences, we want to hear from you here.....

Top 25 Travel Web Sites... according to T&L

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Lannae said...

I will check some of these site out. We are going to Brussels, Champagne and Burgundy in March, and I am sure these sites will be helpful. Also, I really like your post about writing a letter clearly stating names and dates for being demoted at the hotel. It is just stating facts, and Trip Advisor is a great venue and tool.