Friday, April 2, 2010

A tavern on the Thames

In November 2009, I attended a dear friend's wedding in London. The venue was a pub in Greenwich called Trafalgar tavern. Being a 'North of the Thames' girl myself, I had never been to pubs in this part of town, and was very eager to step into one as a wedding guest.

We finally arrived at the tavern around 7pm, about an hour late, and a little annoyed at the traffic and rain which caused the delays. But all was forgotten as we stepped into the ballroom above the pub.

Light cream-colored walls, Victorian chandeliers, and red velvet curtains were evocative of a bygone era. The view of Canary Wharf from the large windows was a winner. What a hidden gem! Most tourists are unlikely to venture past the usual touristy hangouts in London, but if you're reading this, and have always been intrigued by the real London, just hop on a train to Greenwich, and tell a cabbie to take you to the Trafalgar Tavern. I would love to revisit on a summer's day, gazing out the window with a pint of local ale. As we walked out into the night after a lovely wedding reception, we saw happy regulars enjoying live jazz with their drinks.
photo courtesy of the Trafalgar Tavern website

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