Friday, November 9, 2007

Fantastic views from the Sleeping Bear Dunes

I think the photos speak for themselves. We drove about 25 miles west of Traverse City to the famous Sleeping Bear Dunes. We just followed the directions in the navigation system, and looked out keenly for a sign for the Dunes closer to our destination. Finally we came across one marked 'Scenic drive' which turned out to be a road called the 'Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive'. The amber-colored trees hugged the narrow road as we drove on, looking as if it were set on fire on a cool blue day.

You pay $10 for a self-guided tour of the Sleeping Bear Dunes Lakeshore once inside the area. This is valid for about 7 days, so it's a good deal. The tour is divided into 11 or 12 vantage points, as marked on the leaflet given to you at the start of the tour. You drive through these spectacularly windy roads, and stop at the clearly marked points to photograph the stunning scenery, or simply to take it all in. We climbed a dune to be fact-to-face with stark white sands and turquoise waters. Looking at the photo, you could mistakenly think you were in somewhere in the Caribbean.

Picnic benches are placed very strategically, and in most cases give you a view of Lake Michigan across the sandy dunes and multicolored foliage during fall. It is really beautiful. Looking at the pictures, wouldn't you agree?


Windyridge said...

Sure is pretty there, such beautiful colors. With winter approaching here it looks like a very inviting place indeed!

Monica said...

It is stunning. I guess it would be amazing just to sit on the dune and to gaze at the blue on an early summer morning, before the crowds get there. Thanks for your comment!