Monday, November 12, 2007

What is a Zartini?

A very intriguing name indeed. I came across a certain news bite on Sunday's Chicago Tribune written by William Hagemen, which I wanted to share with you guys on this blog.

A 'zartini' was a drink invented at an office party in 2003. The company was and is called the 'Z Factory' and one of its head honchos is called Cary Zartman, hence the name 'zartini' (don't quote me on this; this is my guess as to the origin of the drink's name).

Before I digress further, the company have since 2003 been holding an annual competition to find a winning zartini on an annual basis. This competition had been held internally (company clients, friends etc) until this year!

Visit the link below for more information. You can not only peruse past winning recipes, but also look and try out other recipes entered for previous years. Most importantly, you, the discerning drinker, can get to vote for the 2007 Zartini. The winning recipe will grace the web page in all its glory, as I'm told by the tribune article.

I am very intrigued by the 2004 winner called 'Protein'. Not sure whether I am going to get my daily recommended amounts from this one, but I am going to pretend it will. The deadline is this Thursday, so get voting! Meanwhile, as quoted in the Tribune, "Try every recipe by Thursday and all you'll get is an interesting anecdote for your obituary". So have fun, but responsibly.

Have you ever tried a Zartini, or know someone who has? Post a comment...

Vote for the 2007 Zartini.

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