Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Berkeley dining

There are two places I spent a lot of time in during my stay and can recommend:

(1) Plearn Thai: Within walking distance of the university campus, this is a budget eaterie with traditional and clean decor, but with exceptional food. Tasty, and plentiful, it has always satisfied.
2050 University Ave
, Berkeley, CA
(510) 841-2148

(2) Yogurt Park: It is safe to say that everyone at and associated with Berkeley has sampled frozen yogurt at this institution. It is always busy, and their unique creations are mouth-watering. They do great business, being opposite to student housing, and just minutes away from the Bancroft Way entrance of the university. See picture above.
2433 Durant Ave # A, Berkeley, CA (510) 549-0570

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