Monday, September 10, 2007

Delectable cakes in Chicago

I seriously doubt that there are a lot of people who hate cakes, so I feel it is my civic duty to pass on this yummy recommendation! It's not quite in Chicago, but they deliver! Located in the northern suburb of Highland Park, 'Gourmet Frog Bakery' is quite a find.

They do regular cakes, tarts, and even savory foods, but most importantly, special occasion cakes which are delicious inside and out. Check out the picture of our reception wedding cake. With white chocolate shavings, it was really a visual treat. I particularly recommend the 'Mixed Berry' cake, which serves as an excellent palate cleanser, as well being a wonderfully light and fluffy cake.

Their prices are remarkably affordable, especially for the quality you get. And it gets better. They even throw in a complimentary anniversary cake, which we just collected actually. One of the reasons why I posted this, since tasting that cake brought back so many beautiful memories.

Call them to arrange a tasting. You can get more information from the website below. Now, back to my cake.....

p.s. to digress just a little bit, we tried their lobster bisque, and loved it. Creamy and multi-faceted, just as bisque should be. Just in case you were interested.....

The Gourmet Frog Bakery in Highland Park, IL

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