Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Late night Chicago sweets!

We were still living downtown just off Michigan Avenue, Chicago at the time. It was a Saturday night, and we had opted for a quiet night in, tucking into a nice home-cooked meal. By the time it was 10:30, we were both feeling restless. Looking out of our 30th floor apartment, we could not resist the bright lights of State Street.

"Do you have room for dessert?" asked Abhijit, looking expectantly, privately hoping I would say yes. "Always", I replied cheekily. Minutes later, Abhijit remarked that the Peninsula Hotel, a fine five class hotel was just around the corner from us, and they probably did desserts. It was nearly 11, and we decided to check it out.

We walked up to the reception, very quiet and elegant, subtle and sumptuous at the same time. The manager nodded and smiled, assuming we were guests I suppose. We reveled in that illusion as we looked around and figured out that all accommodation and other facilities had to be accessed by the elevator. We took it to the floor marked 'The Lobby'.

Seconds later, we found ourselves in a decadent showroom, with muted chandeliers, and amazing finery. There were quite a few people, couples, groups of businessmen, etcetera, helping themselves to what looked like a buffet of chocolate. To our right, a chanteuse was belting out smooth jazz numbers, while a cellist and pianist kept her company. It was wonderful. A waitress ushered us to a table not far from the musical trio.

While there was a dessert buffet for serious chocaholics, there was also a a la carte menu, and we opted for the latter. Abhijit's choice of dark chocolate and espresso ice cream, and my ginger creme brulee was certainly a feast for the senses. Our Saturday evening had turned out to be quite a sweet treat.

I believe they cost around $12 each, so dining at a five star hotel need not cost an arm and a leg. Check the website out for details and times. This is indeed one of the finest hotels in Chicago.

website: Dining at the Peninsula in Chicago

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