Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Welcome to Berkeley, California.

In 2003 I decided to leave my fairly mundane IT job, to travel to the USA. I had always been fascinated with San Francisco, and although I had traveled fairly extensively to New York and the midwest, the west had always been a mystery to me.

But I did not just want to spend a few days there. In order to make it a more wholesome experience, I enrolled in summer school at the University of California, Berkeley, about 15 miles east of San Fran.

A one and a half-month stint at Berkeley ensured that I got to live in student residences, full board, just seconds off of the famed Telegraph avenue. It also meant that I got to spend some serious time on the west coast, allowing me to get to know its people, sights, and sounds. the experiences that followed are probably fodder for another blog someday. But it was a wonderful life-changing experience. Just what the doctor had ordered.

At the top is a picture of Telegraph avenue, with its myriad of colorful street stalls, on a beautiful summer day.

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